We Are Credit Repair Ninjas

Speed, precision, and versatility! We get in, get it done and get out. Don’t get bogged down in the bureaucracy of a team of paralegals working for a law firm. We have spent 30 years researching, testing and refining our craft and we know credit repair! Do you want results? Don’t hire a paralegal when you can hire a ninja!

Ninja Discipline

It takes time, discipline and years of study to become a ninja. Credit Repair is no different. In an industry that is evolving faster and faster, you need someone who can transform with it. We use modern electronic methods for speed, and we customize each individual attack plan for maximum results! Everyone knows Ninjas get the job done and we never give up!

Nation Wide Credit Repair

Our Ninja Discount

Just as we are masters of cleaning your credit, we are ninjas at saving you money as well. Although we are silent and effective, ninjas don’t work alone. Visit and sign up with our allies at Credit Innovation Group and save a substantial amount of money on our services. By combining their membership opportunities and our services, your credit and financial situation will start looking up in no time.