Credit Repair Ninja Process



Day 1

If you're struggling with bad credit, call us and we will provide you with a free credit repair consultation.

In this consultation we will go over your current credit situation with you and develop a personalized credit repair plan to get your credit repaired in the fastest way possible.

We will then do the initial work on beginning to investigate the negative items on your credit reports with the credit bureaus.

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Journey Starts

Day 5

We build and implement your personalized credit repair plan. We will develop your file in our dynamic system to ensure you will receive the best and fastest results possible.


Review Results

Days 30-45

By this time the credit bureaus will have returned their results on the questionable items that we have disputed on your behalf.

We will review the items that were deleted, and also the remaining items with you and begin another round of investigations on your questionable items to get them removed.



Day 60

Now that you have reached day 60, we offer you our 'Satisfaction Promise'.

If we have not been able to get any items removed from your credit reports, we will refund 100% of your money. This makes our program risk free.


In Depth Review

Day 90

By now we will have gone through 2-3 rounds of back and forth with the credit bureaus investigating the questionable items on your credit reports.

We will then review all your reports and the items on them. Next we will re-evaluate your personalized credit repair plan and adjust it based on the remaining items you have on your credit reports.

We will then take this adjusted plan and implement it by adapting our investigations with the bureaus to optimize for better results from them.


Final Results

Day 180

By this point we will have gone through roughly 6 rounds of investigations with the credit bureaus. 

We will go over your new credit profile with you and review the items we were able to get removed from your reports, as well as the remaining items (if there are any). 

After this review process we will decide if we can further help you with your credit. If there are still questionable items and you would like them to be removed, we can keep going through the investigation process on your behalf.

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